On Saturday 20 In May, the production by the Cervera Conservatory of Music of the opera will be premiered “Dido & Aeneas”, de Henry Purcell, in the magnificent baroque space that is the University's Paranimf and with all tickets sold.

It is a baroque opera with a lost prologue and three acts, written on 1688 by the English composer and based on a libretto by Nahum Tate. The work is inspired by an episode from the IV book of Virgil's Aeneid and was performed for the first time in 1689 a la Boarding School for Girls a Chelsea, London.

The scene takes place in a baroque court where the courtiers trust that the queen's wedding will ensure the survival of the kingdom. Dido & Aeneas adapts to the French currents of his time, interspersing short arias, orchestral interludes, cors i ballets. The best known aria is “When I’m laid in earth” -when it lies in the earth- also called “Lament of Dido” and located at the end of the work.

The students of the center have worked on this work throughout the course, which had as protagonists the various singing students, as well as others who wanted to join as part of the choir and others who, next to the teachers, they performed as an orchestra.
With a cast led by Eva Maria Ruiz - as Dido- and Xesco Grau -Aeneas-, add Ariadna Mayer -Belinda-, Rut Rius -second lady of the queen-, Judit Cases -Fetillera-, Soraya Sánchez and Aran Sala -witches-, Savina Encuentra and Duna Pomés - as spirits- and Rosa Riera - sailor.
It is undoubtedly a large project for an educational center that is not a production company, in col·collaboration with the Cervera Museum and which saw the light precisely during the Night of the Museums.

This transversal production has made students and teachers grow, working together to add complicity. And the version that could be heard was worked on from the scene and interpretation subject, from the singing classes and the choir that has been created expressly for the occasion and that has been possible with the efforts of many people.

The production was led by Arnau Vinós -stage director-, Núria Mas - musical director -, Gemma Oriol -costume-, Montse Roig - styling- and Carles Gumí - conductor.

It can be seen again on Saturday 27 from May in Ponts.

Information provided by Santi River (Music Conservatory of Cervera).