The retransmission of the Completes and the program “The secret of the Completes” had great acceptance of the public, as reflected in the data on television audiences on Lleida TV and La Xarxa, of streaming broadcasts and reproductions on the Paeria's Youtube channel.

Audience data:

Lleida TV
Broadcast on Friday 5, them 21 hours. Concert: 12.382. Program: 6.481.
Broadcast on Friday 5, them 00.00 hours. Concert: 13.609. Program: 736.

The Local Television Network in Catalonia
Broadcast on Sunday 7 them 22 hours. The Complete ones: 54.853 viewers.

*Data provided by Konodrac.

Regarding the issue for streaming by Lleida TV: 1.164 views.

Paeria Youtube Channel. Concert: 3.404 views. Program: 938.

The broadcasts are available online on the Lleida TV portal.

The Complete ones:—concert

Talk show:—interviews

Also on the Youtube channel of the Paeria de Cervera:


Winter Festival

Of the 5 al 7 February Cervera celebrated the Winter Festival, which limited its programming due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Some of the activities were suspended, such as the traditional procession or the reverse sardana competition, while others were made public and could be followed live online, such as the Cant de les Completes and the Ball de l’Àliga.