Sunday 28 May, the pianist Santi Riu closed the XLIV Series of Spring Concerts, organized by the Association of Friends of Music of Cervera, with the recital “Two worlds and a tribute”, at the Municipal Auditorium.

The recital proposed two distinct parts.

In the first, a heartfelt tribute was paid to the composer and teacher at the Cervera Conservatory Josep Lluís Guzman i Antich, who died in 2017. An important part of his work for piano could be heard, with a language that radiates poetry and is the heir of personalities like Frederic Mompou, Robert Gerhard or Amadeu Vives. “Snowy Branch” i “Interiors” they started the concert, before moving on to a world that has a clear relationship with the popular Cançoner de Catalunya. “Way of songs” it is made up of harmonizations written by the Sabadell composer of songs collected in Ponts i Tiurana. And the first part ended with a meaning “Tribute to Francesc Alió”, great musician and composer of”The laborers”.
Marion Bonet, widow of the honored composer, he wanted to be present at the concert and glossed over a few words from both the composer and the pianist, as well as the relationship between the two, which allowed him to record his work for piano in the year 2009 by the record label La Ma de Guido.

In the second part we experienced a new world with the work of Johann Sebastian Bach. His colossal work was represented by a transcription made by Franz Liszt from Prelude and fugue in A minor -originally written for organ- and the charismatic “Chaconne” by Bach in Busoni's transcription for piano. After so much transcendence and grandeur, the pianist opted for two much more collected and spiritual works that managed to touch the heart of the large audience that filled the Auditorium.

Information and image provided by the Association of Friends of Music.