La Paeria de Cervera and Lleida TV have reached an agreement for the broadcast of the Aquelarre show and the El Diluvi concert, which will be held on Saturday 28 d'agost, from the 21.30 hours.

These events can be seen live on Lleida TV and can also be watched on the Internet, accessing a link that will be found on the Paeria website.

The activities of the Aquelarre 2021 they will be done in a single space, Cal Racó, and with a very limited capacity, from 320 people, to be able to comply with the current regulations of the Procicat.

Capacity limitation a 320 has caused many people to run out of tickets for Saturday night’s activities at the Aquelarre. The seats sold out on Friday 20 in the morning in the morning by the face-to-face reservation system that was set up in the Plaza Mayor.

To respond to all the people who were left without entry and also to reach all the potential audience of Cervera, the Lands of Lleida and everywhere, the Paeria de Cervera has reached an agreement of col·collaboration with Lleida TV for broadcasts.

According to the councilor of Aquelarre, Mireia Brandon, “The limitations for the Covid-19 make day-to-day management very complex in general and, in concrete, in events as popular as the Aquelarre ”. Mireia Brandon adds that "we are aware that many people have run out of tickets and that is why these events will be broadcast live.".