The chief paer, Joan Santacana; Councilwoman of Culture, Mercè Carulla; and the director of the Museum, Carmen Bergés, have presented to the media the exhibition “Confin-Art, landscapes of confinement ”, a diverse sample of up to 21 local artists reflecting on the pandemic and confinement.

The exhibition opens on Friday 10 September, them 21 hours, and will be open until 8 November.

In the presentation, the paer in head, Joan Santacana, has talked about the Covid-19. "We have changed these six months, we have experienced feelings like fear, the anxiety… and we have developed resilience. ” "All this is very well reflected in the sample".

The Councilor for Culture, Mercè Carulla, and also as a provincial deputy, He stressed that “the exhibition gives value to the territory, with the participation of artists from La Segarra and the neighboring counties ”.

Finally, the director of the Museum, Carmen Bergés, He remarked that “the Museum opens its doors to local artists, that with their creations they give tools so that people reflect towards the reality ”.

Exhibition “Confin-Art, landscapes of confinement ”

Until 21 artists participate in the show. The territory unites them all, they are artists who work in the county of La Segarra and neighboring counties (Urgell, Boredom, Conca de Barberà, the Garrigues), and his critical work toward what the pandemic and confinement we have experienced has meant.

21 proposals with very different languages ​​- from painting to performative actions, sculpture, literature, video install·lations and sculpture- from which the artists share with us their vision, his point of view on universal concepts and close to everyone.

It is part of the "Memories of the pandemic" campaign, an initiative led by the museums that form part of the Networks of History Museums and Museums of Ethnology of Catalonia and the Museum of the History of Catalonia and which proposes a campaign to collect documents and material objects that testify to the passage of the COVID 19 for our country.

The exhibition can be visited from 10 September to 8 November.

More information on this link to the Cervera Museum.