The Segarra artist Xavi Badia has given the Aquelarre organization the new Mascle Cabró mask he has made in his workshop, The Gargoyle, and which will premiere at this year’s activities.

The mask is made of latex and high density cold foam, with a synthetic fiber reinforcement for the horns and back. Its design and modeling enhance the volumes of a goat's face. The contrast of tones makes the volumes stand out from the stage where they perform.

The previous mask, created by Xavi Badia himself last year 2016, it is in very poor condition and its restoration was complex due to the deterioration of the materials. There are also two earlier heads, created by Grepp Teatre and artist Alba Cuñé, respectively.

The Male Goat will appear in the activity on Saturday 28 d'agost, a cal Racó, from the 21.30 hours.


L’Aquelarret will also release a Cabronet figure

The children's version of the party will renew the Cabronet, with a new tadpole, made by the artist Pau Reig, of Solsona.

This is a child-sized tadpole made of stone cardboard. It is a unique model designed exclusively for the Aquelarre festival and the city of Cervera. It is made of durable and wear-proof material so that the head can be worn and at the same time can be supported on the ground..

El Cabronet will be one of the protagonists of the Aquelarret festival, on Saturday 28 d'agost, a cal Racó, from the 18 hours.