Between the days 7 i 16 June, the Cervera Music Conservatory has organized the end-of-year concerts, which concluded with the delivery of borders to the 24 students who have finished their studies at the center this year.

Last Friday 7 in June the Britten Orchestra, made up of boys and girls between 11 i 14 years and directed by Jordi Armengol, the first of the five end-of-year concerts began. There was time also because on Friday 14 the Heart of Projects, directed by Jordi Castellà, and the guitar group, directed by Xavier Gómez, performed in a concert at the Municipal Auditorium. Besides, on Saturday 15 the professional degree choir of the Conservatory, under the preparation of Núria Mas, joined the professional grade choir of the Conservatory of Igualada to sing the "Requiem de Fauré" in the church of Sant Agustí.

And on Sunday 16, in a double concert, choral formations, the combo, the guitar group, the two orchestras, the percussion group and the band showed the level they have achieved this year. To top it off, there was the handing over of borders to a really wide promotion, haha a total of 24 students have finished their studies at the Cervera music center this year and have received the well-deserved certificate from their tutors.

A few words from him and a musical surprise that they prepared themselves crowned a concert full of emotion and music.

Information provided by Santi River (Music Conservatory of Cervera).