Casa Duran and Sanpere Cervera houses, of the 23 January 18 May, instal sis·Facilities artistic director Xavier Cerverí Roundups, the title “Memories in transit”.

This is the 5th Dialogue Cervera Catalan Capital of Culture and will be open until May el18 House Museum Duran Sanpere, Cervera County Museum. It is a task dialog using image, video and virtual and augmented reality to recreate memory.

In the words of its author Xavier Roundups: "I have always been dedicated to documentary films and this is my first foray into the museum world. The opportunity to do it in my city gave me a shelter and human creative which I am very grateful that I was allowed to work freely. "

It was a memory of his grandfather who opened dialogue with the house turned into museum. Young explained that he had worked for the family flooring Duran i ever had come to settle accounts with Agustin Duran, the last owner. Roundups Sixty years after entering the house as an artist and sees it as squaring the circle that symbolizes the changes that have been happening in society result of work, -i love sacrifice- generations devoted largely farming.

Starting here, Roundups dialogue with the house poses a plural approach to memory. Honors and claim a series of figures from space frozen in time remind us where we come from and where we are going.

As an artist and nomadic, This is also an introspective exercise of those looks and reminds himself through their roots and memories of others.

"My grandfather, he bought me the first camera. He worked the land alone, I like images. Recalling that made him realize how documentary films farm. Agusti Duran, as a historian and archivist also works with the memory and had a key role in the rescue of the Catalan archives from destruction during the civil war, "explains Roundups.

Roundups also collects the memory of the oldest inhabitants of the newest and Cervera -specifically, First generation immigrants from Mali-. The witness believes stories transit between worlds and vital moments.

Each work is a container memory, which in turn is dynamic, is in transit: in itself and in relation to other. In this way, Dialogue offers a tour of the house where the memory manifests and transmuted through photography, video and virtual reality.

Some of the interviews conducted by the author served as a basis for two facility·Video installations,but all the work was transferred to become part of the Museum of Memory oral Cervera.

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