Witches Alley will be open on Saturday 30 d'agost, Saturday of Aquelarre, thanks to the support·operation of Greppi Theater, a theater company Cervera, and the Department of Aquelarre. The schedules will be 12 a 14 and 15 a 20 hours.

Greppi Theater will create an exhibition space in the place where in 1978 came the feast of Aquelarre Cervera, in order to explain to visitors the origins and history of a very unique and popular festival. Besides, the tour will also speak of its most important, they are fire, music and entertainment.

"We are pleased to continue to participate in the great festival of Cervera, because we have always been very much involved and we feel it our ', claim from Greppi Theater. Recall that the company Cervera has repeatedly led the great show Saturday, and were they introduced one of the most iconic and provocative of the party: drained of the male bastard.

Councilman Aquelarre, Marc Llorens, adds that "one of the great fortunes of Aquelarre is the will and energy entities Cervera and many anonymous people who work without profit for the good co·Communal celebration. Greppi Theater is a perfect example ".