This week, work has begun on rehabilitating the interior spaces of the chapels of Sant Tomàs and El Roser, in the church of Sant Domènec de Cervera, which are conditioned to accommodate cultural uses.

The work is being carried out by the local company Construcciones Codina Vall, in accordance with the project “Rehabilitation of the church of Sant Domènec - Eix Barroc for a cultural center (2a fase)”, by the architect Antoni Martí and the surveyor Cesc Rosell.

The works, which is expected to last two and a half months, have a cost of 90.424 euros, and are subsidized by the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya in the line for the conservation of buildings of remarkable cultural value.

The project gives continuity to the works carried out in the first phase, which basically consisted of structural consolidation and replacement of the church roof.

In this second phase, the works consist of the progressive functional rehabilitation of the interior spaces of the chapels of Sant Tomàs and El Roser., both finishes and installation step forecast·lations, in order to provide the building with all the requirements to host cultural activities. Col.·place stained glass windows inside the chapels so as not to lose the perception of the baroque axis.

According to the Councilor for Culture, Mercè Carulla, this performance, added to the project subsidized by the 1.5% Cultural that will be promoted shortly, "It will allow the complete refurbishment of the building to be completed and it can host all kinds of cultural events".

The 1.5% Cultural project envisages an investment of 404.297 euros for the installation·water services and infrastructure, electricity, heating and air conditioning. The contribution of the Ministry of Transport is one 59% of the budget.

Sant Domènec (s. XIV-XV) is the Gothic church of the old Dominican convent, mendicant order said of the preachers. They were built on both sides of the apse, the eighteenth century, the chapels of the Roser (of the guild of draperies and paraires) and that of St. Thomas.

The church was restored last year 2011, with works to solve the basic problems of stability and security of the building, which was in a state of significant degradation and rubble, after nearly fifty years in absolute disuse. The reconstruction of the building represented an investment of more than 1 million euros.