The environmentalist organization Group for the Defense of Natural Segarra and sports organizations Bicycle Club, Fondistas and Hiking Center organized, Saturday 26 October, from the 10 hours, 1st Plogging Cervera, an activity that combines sports with environmental clean.

It is a popular activity, open to everyone, in which you can participate foot (6 km), current (8 km) or cycling (22 km). The courtyards are teeing University, them 10 hours. registrations
At the end of the day recycle waste and there will be a lunch for all participants.

Plogging és una nova modalitat ecoesportiva, born in Sweden, which aims to combine sport and outdoor waste collection in nature. Hence the 1st Ecoesport popular Cervera, en què diferents entitats vinculades amb l’esport i el medi ambient pretenen posar en pràctica el plogging amb l’objectiu de sensibilitzar la població de la necessitar de cuidar el medi ambient.

Cervera of the Town Council and the County Council co Segarra·assist in the organization of this activity.