The exhibition “Light and color Aquelarre. Painting witch, devils and other species”, Mariona Millà, opens Wednesday 28 d'agost, them 19 hours, and can be seen until 10 November.

The artist appears on Barcelona Mariona Millà 28 August at the Museum of Cervera dialogue with pictorial heritage, specifically the festival Aquelarre Cervera Catalan Capital of Culture 2019.
It is the # Diàleg3 (Dialogues with the cycle Heritage), a study of plastic Aquelarre Cervera entitled 'Light and color Aquelarre. Painting witch, diables i altres espècies’ and will be open to 10 November.

In this exhibition we find from a great book notes 'Genesis', showing the view instantaneous and spontaneous artist, through careful development and become indispensable figures like male goat as witches or multiple actions as divine earthly. Beautiful or ugly but protest to the core·the. bold, masked, adorned with the hair grow and cut to apòzemes, environmental awareness, cultivators of medicinal herbs and all defenders of freedom. Also some small pieces are looks and attitudes and blasphemous questions, sometimes, i confidents, other; and even visitors can submit their wishes and requests in a box of bright colors that will.

On the "Dialogues with Heritage '

Throughout 2019 programming the Cultural Capital of Cervera establish a series of dialogues with heritage Cerverí. Dialogues is a multidisciplinary project carried out in several areas and has much exposure as performative action or intervention.
A number of artists and creators from different disciplines, not only Segarra Cervera but also the rest of Catalonia, share their vision and look at various works, elements and areas of the city. Teach heritage through art, discover art through heritage. painters, photographers, sculptors, visual artists and creators of interventions will be the protagonists of the six dialogues Cervera live over 2019.


'Light and color Aquelarre. Painting witch, devils and other species, Mariona Millà
Cervera Museum (c. Major, 115)
inauguration: Wednesday 28 d'agost, them 19 h.
Of the 28 August to 10 of November 2019
Timetable: consulteu la web

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