Friday 25 on Monday 28 September, Cervera celebrates the Festa Major, which has scheduled close to 30 activities, in which the capacity control and the sanitary measures of prevention of the Covid-19 are always guaranteed.

The party begins with the traditional proclamation and recognition to a local entity. As a novelty this year, the Proclamation is held at street level, in the main square, next to the audience. It will be run by the staff of the Cervera Primary Care Center, in recognition of his work in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. The organization honored is the Children’s Choir Nova Cervera, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary.

The acts begin at 20 hours, in the main square, with limited capacity and which is already complete. It can be followed live through the Youtube channel of the Paeria de Cervera.

Festive activities are concentrated on the street, like Pub Night; the mobile concert with The Txandals, and the theatrical performances of the Cerea groups Alea Teatre, Fadunito and Sound de Secà. The "Silos" courtyard opens (SENPA silos), as a concert venue, with the performances of Lasta Sanco and Les Montses; habaneras with Les Anxovetes and the Selvatana orchestra.

Capacity is limited and prior reservation is required to attend. We report that the seats are already sold out for all performances.

This year's Festa Major entourage is "online", with the retransmission of a video with the performances of popular culture organizations in different settings of the city’s monumental heritage. The broadcast is on Sunday 27, them 12 hours. You can see the projection from the Plaza Mayor, but capacity is limited and tickets are already sold out, follow through the YouTube channel of the Paeria de Cervera.

It will also be broadcast live on Youtube the entourage of the small Festa Major, Monday 28, them 11 hours.

The Festa Major will close with a fireworks display, Monday at 22.30 hours, from three different points (castell, Union and sports pavilion) so that it can be seen from the balconies of the whole city.

By the Councilor for Festivities, Mireia Brandon, the Festa Major wants to have “a memory to all the people who have left us because of the Covid-19 and a recognition to all those people who have been and are in the front line fighting to fight the pandemic”. "We are in a crisis due to a health emergency, but we also have to look ahead ”.

the activities, as was seen for the Festiuada, have been programmed with the intention of supporting local trade and artists.

Link to the program of events.