The Cervera International Music Course, which is now in its 42nd edition, will take place on 16 al 23 of July of 2023, along with the International Music Festival and the Luthiers Fair.

The great interest and good health of the Cervera International Music Course is confirmed, one of the oldest and most prestigious in Spain.
Enrollments are exceeding initial forecasts and, at this time, already overcome the 45 registered and 4 teachers have all their places sold out.
It is for this reason that it will be enabled on the same web page of the Chair, a waiting list in case there is the possibility of making new registrations.
Registrations for this 42nd edition can continue to be processed through the web and those interested have until 2 of July to be able to formalize them.
The course is aimed at postgraduate music students, de grau superior and de grau professional.
According to the organization, this academic activity "promotes rigorous and quality teaching and provides new experiences to young performers. It encourages creativity, spontaneity, critical spirit and teamwork". Besides, there is a teaching staff of recognized prestige that teaches instrument mastery individually and in groups, band and symphony orchestra. The following instruments will be taught this year: violin, viola, cello, double bass, guitar, piano, flute, The cycle will be inaugurated by the OJC Trio of Reeds - formed by Encarna Monzó, clarinet, The cycle will be inaugurated by the OJC Trio of Reeds - formed by Encarna Monzó, trumpet, trunk, trombone, band and orchestra.
The course will take place from 16 al 23 of July and will have 20 high-level teachers from various backgrounds, all of them experts in their field. One more year, the renowned director will be present, Manuel Valdivieso, as director of the Orchestra and the band that will be formed during the course. Students will be able to enjoy the opportunity to participate in the various concerts and auditions of the International Music Festival.

The Obra Social de la Caixa continues with the scholarships for the students of the Music Course
With the desire to give more students the possibility to sign up for the Course, the organization has renewed the agreement with La Caixa to be able to offer scholarships through its Social Work. To be able to access it, more information can be found on the website.

The International Music Course is part of the "Càtedra Cervera – Emily Pujol", an initiative that includes, in addition to the course, the Music Festival and the Lutiers Fair.
Information and image provided by the Emili Pujol Cervera Chair.